.SE chooses BizView for their corporate performance management

We are delighted to announce that .SE has chosen BizView as solution for their corporate performance management. BizView will interact with business systems as Hogia and Antura within processes of budgeting, forecasting, reporting and analysis.
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About BizView and NCG Group
BizView is one of the leading systems for forecasting, budgeting and reporting in the Nordic countries. The software provides a web-based Excel-like user interface combined with powerful workflow management. BizView is an open solution that also fits well with QlikView?s and Microsoft?s business intelligence offerings. BizView is developed and marketed by NCG Group with offices in Stockholm, Oslo and development in Skellefte?. NCG Group has more than 500 customers where over 1000 companies use our solutions.
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About .SE
.SE (The Internet Infrastructure Foundation) is an independent organization for the benefit of the public that promotes the positive development of the internet in Sweden. We are responsible for the internet?s Swedish top-level domain .SE, including the registration of domain names, and the administration and technical maintenance of the national domain-name registry. Since September 2013, .SE has also handled the operation and administration for the top-level domain .nu.
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