R?d & Regnskap Vest chooses BizView to simplify operations and enhance customer offering

R?d & Regnskap Vest ? a fast expanding accountancy firm with head office in Flor? and seven other offices in Hordaland, Sogn, Fjordane and Vestfold – has chosen BizView Accountancy in order to simplify their client work with monthly reporting and reconciliation.
BizView Accountancy is a vertical for the accountancy industry developed by NCG Group in cooperation with R?d & Regnskap Akershus based on the popular BizView platform. The system is fully integrated with Visma Business ERP-system.
BizView Accountancy has been met very positively by our users as the user interface looks like Excel which everyone knows and at the same time has the reliability connected with a modern system delivered on a web platform, says Tore Havn, managing director in R?d & Regnskap Vest. We will save time each time we prepare the monthly accounts for our clients, not to mention that we will be capable of budgeting and forecasting within the same system, Havn continues. Within short we will offer the Self Service module to our clients which will increase our service level even further.
The problems with many reporting solutions are that they are too expensive to buy, too complex to use and too expensive once again to adapt to changing business needs says Henning Mork in NCG Group. BizView offers all you need in an affordable package with endless flexibility and an unparalleled simplicity in user interface. With R?d & Regnskap Vest, the solution is helping more than 1500 companies in Norway through their accountancy agencies just shortly after the launch says Mork. We are very pleased with the reception of the product so far.
For more information contact Henning Mork (Mob +47 413 55566 / [email protected] ) or Tore Havn at R&R Vest (Mob + 47 40 40 20 00 / [email protected])
About BizView and NCG Group
BizView is one of the leading systems for forecasting, budgeting and reporting in the Nordic countries. The software provides a web-based Excel-like user interface combined with powerful workflow management. BizView is an open solution that also fits well with QlikView?s and Microsoft?s business intelligence offerings. BizView is developed and marketed by NCG Group with offices in Stockholm, Oslo and development in Skellefte?. NCG Group has more than 500 customers where over 1000 companies use our solutions.
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About R?d & Regnskap Vest (RRV)
RRV is a fast expanding accountancy firm with head office in Flor? and a strong presence in Hordaland, Sogn and Fjordane.
Recently they have opened a new office in Vestfold. RRV emphasize close client contact and to be in front with modern technology to automate operations and increase the service level.
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