Hush?llningssällskapet Kalmar-Kronoberg-Blekinge chooses BizView for their performance planning and management reporting

NCG Group delivers BizView to Hush?llningssällskapet where BizView will interact with the business system Hogia and the student administrative system IST in budgeting, forecasting, management reporting and analysis.
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About BizView
Software product with workflow for planning, forecasting, budgeting, consolidation, reports and analysis utilizing spreadsheet interface, dashboards and web technology.
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About Hush?llningssällskapet Kalmar-Kronoberg-Blekinge
We produce and supply knowledge for sustainable development and profitability of rural livelihoods.
This means that we develop and communicate knowledge in counseling, field trials, development projects and training for members, customers, students, other stakeholders and our own future. The management of the earth?s resources is second nature to us in Hush?llningssällskapet, it?s heard in our name.
In Kalmar-Kronoberg-Blekinge, we have about 3500 members and nearly 300 employees.
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About NCG Group
NCG Group develops software products for Performance Management and Business Intelligence. Our main objective is to simplify, improve and streamline our customer?s daily tasks through intuitive and profitability oriented software products for more effective company control.

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