Micropos has signed an agreement with the Helsinki University Hospital in Finland for RayPilot. This is the second Finnish clinic contract for Micropos Medical during 2014. RayPilot?, is an electromagnetic positioning system that works with existing linacs in order to enable non-ionizing, objective and real time prostate tracking.

Helsinki University Hospital treats yearly 400-600 patients with prostate cancer and the disease increases by about 10% per year in Finland. The clinic is interested in using RayPilot for hypofractionated protocols in order to reduce the number of treatments. In order to do hypofractionation in a safe way it is crucial to exactly know where the tumor is located at any moment of the treatment.
– It is great that the Finnish market reacts so positively to RayPilot and that we now have agreements with two of the largest hospitals. Except the two Finnish clinics we will also start the first site in France within a couple of months where they will be pioneers in using the new in-situ dosimetry functionality, says Charlotta Tilk, Sales Manager at Micropos.

The Helsinki University Hospital will install RayPilot after the summer 2014.
– We are very pleased that our marketing and scientific efforts are beginning to show results, we also see that the market has matured for RayPilot. Our product range has been significantly strengthened and in 2014 we will be launching several new products in both hardware and software, including an interface to Varian as well as a unique consumable that combines tumor positioning, patient identification and in-situ dosimetry says CEO, Tomas Gustafsson at Micropos.

For additional information:
Tomas Gustafsson, CEO, Micropos Medical AB (publ), +46-31-772 80 99
About Micropos Medical AB (publ):
Micropos Medical AB ( is a Swedish company that has developed the RayPilot? system, which is an electromagnetic positioning and real time tracking system for a fast and objective set-up and for continuous positioning during radiotherapy. A precise and safe localization of the tumor can dramatically improve the outcome of the treatment, particularly for hypofractionated protocols. The RayPilot? system consists mainly of three parts; one transmitter that is placed close by the tumor, a receiving system that is placed directly on the treatment couchtop and software that continuously shows the precise tumor location, and hence where to focus the linac beam. During 2014 Micropos will release an upcoming RayPilot? transmitter for positioning, in-situ dosimetry and automatic patient identification. RayPilot? is CE certified for prostate use. Follow us on Facebook, or follow press releases about the company on search for Micropos and subscribe. The Micropos share is traded under the stock ticker MPOS.

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